Friday, April 17, 2015

Go Away

Let's just kick it off with THE most annoying thing in the world. Fashion. Trends. Whatever. Go away!
I, for one, was thrilled at the news that low rise pants were being replaced with the old "mom Jean" rise. It's great for the ole muffin top. However, what these freakin fashionistas did was raise the waist and forget the rest. Literally, you only have pants from the lady bits (and just barely!) to the belly button. Ass all over the place. Then of course every top in the place is cropped. WHY?! Stop it. These aren't cute looks. Even on the most fit, skinny, hot to trot little miss thang. Still not cute. Universally not cute. And I don't want to see that much skin casually walking through the mall or at dinner. Save it for the beach. 

Another group of people that need to go away? The people that want to be able to see my social media pages but block me from seeing or commenting on theirs. Don't make it so obvious. I'm not that interested in your page, I just didn't want the drama of "unfriending" thanks for making that one easier on me though. Go away!

Horns in traffic. Whyyyy are you honking? We are ALL sitting still. Honking your horn only annoys me. It doesn't magically make the bumper to bumper traffic part like the Red Sea for you. We all have somewhere to go. Calm yourself down. You KNOW there's going to be traffic. Plan on it. And go away!

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