Friday, March 13, 2015

Payback is a...

We all know how that one ends. Usually. 
But sometimes, payback is a freaking adorable little miniature version of yourself. (All the parents said "amen")

One story my ex-husband loved to tell was when I had to get a little sideways with a representative for my credit card. Long story but it ended with me finally demanding he only answer my simple question "did you receive my payment" with "yes Mrs Turner or no Mrs Turner" no other sales pitches. That's it. 

Fast forward 6(ish) years and that little call center rep somewhere in, I suspect, India will be happy to know I got my payback. 

The other day, Miss Priss colored a picture & asked if I love it. I Iaunched into "oh baby, it's so beautiful! Is that a..." When she breaks in with "mama! Do you love it? Yeah or no?"

Ok. Yes. I love it. 

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