Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Picture Frames & Throw Pillows

I said I would come back to this. And, 3 months later, I am.

So many things go into a relationship. I touched on what I think the foundation should be. For me, if my husband loves God, me and Aubrey Jo, I think we can make it through almost anything.

But, who wants to just "make it" through a marriage? A living room works with just a chair and a tv. But isn't it so much more pleasurable when you add in the throw pillows & picture frames? I think so too. So here are my relationship picture frames & throw pillows.

His Family.  A man leaves his mother and father and embraces his wife, and they become one flesh (Genesis 2:24) I believe a man should put his wife and child first. If it comes down to having to choose. But I also believe it shouldn't have to come to that. Family is important, how can he love me and my family if he can't love (and be loved by) his family? I only have 1 sister. We always used to dream of having more siblings. I was heartbroken when my fantasy of gaining 3 brothers (AND their significant others- 3 new sisters too!) was shot down. I will not again walk into a marriage with a man whose family does not accept his decisions as a man, especially his decision to take me as his wife. This goes double for his mama and daddy. This is less of a picture frame, and more of the huge canvas mounted over the mantle. It's crucial. It can make or break the Feng Shui of the whole room.

My Sister. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister. (1 John 20-21) While on the topic of siblings; encourage my relationship with my sister and her family. We were on shaky ground and are finally recovering. I missed her during the time we weren't on good terms. As my husband, he should encourage the relationship without really stepping in. She & I can fight, get pissed, then get over it. We are sisters, it's what we do. If you say something though, it will never be forgotten. I remember every single thing my brother-in-law said... only about half of what my sister said. I don't want my sister to have anything to hold on to against my husband.
... This goes double for my mama and daddy
... Quadruple for my granny and grandpa

Gender Roles. I am actually pretty traditional. I pick the paint color, you paint. I choose the flowers, you mow the grass. I do the laundry, you take out the trash. But, sometimes I may have to drag the heavy boxes of Christmas decorations out of the garage. My husband will be willing to start dinner sometimes without complaining and reminding me that it's "my job".

Money. Hey, big boy, what's yours is mine. You may very well make more money than I do (or heck, you may be the ONLY one bringing home a paycheck). But if something needs to be bought, I will have full access to the account and full freedom to make purchases without permission. I won't hide my purchases from you, and you don't hide where all those ATM withdrawals are going from me.

Communication. If you don't tell me, it's safe to say I won't know. If I don't know, I can't change. I need the lines of communication to be wide open. I have to be able to talk to my husband, and know that he is talking to me. About the big things and even the little things. With communication comes trust. I feel like the two go hand in hand.

Acceptance... & Forgiveness. I come with a lot of baggage. And it aint pretty LV fancy luggage. It is just plain and simple baggage. I would like to say I won't let my past come to my future. But I think that's easier said than done. So I need a patient man that will love me through.

Forever. I planned to only have 1 marriage. And for it to be until DEATH do us part. That obviously didn't work out that way. However, I do only plan to have 1 divorce. I want to grow old with my husband. I want my marriage to stand the test of time. To last forever. I want a marriage my children and grandchildren aspire to re-create in their own marriages. I want to be that old couple in Cracker Barrel.... right through our rockin' years.

Relationship Manifesto
Manifesto Bloopers

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

A food blogger I am not. Really, have you tried photographing food? It's not easy. This salad is DELICIOUS! I couldn't get a photo that didn't look like cat vomit, but trust me... it's good.

This 1st birthday party? Amazing. Totally unachievable for this girl. But I sure wouldn't mind being a guest!

Well. I got 10 down. The other 9? Much easier said than done, for sure!

People should do this more. Really. Don't worry about what I'm doing or assuming you know what I'm doing & stirring up shit in my already tense life. K? Thanks.


This makes me laugh. So hard.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Do You Know?

No secret I struggle with my decision to end my marriage. I questioned if I should walk away before I knew about the infidelity. I question if I should go back even knowing now that & so much more about the man. I believe in marriage being forever. I believe it takes work & is worth the "for worse" to get to the "for better". Please understand I didn't just give up & run at the first sign of the honeymoon winding down. I asked all the time "how do you know it's time? How do you know it's right? How do you know you've come as far as you can go?" When we got married in a fever, everyone asked "how do you know he's the one?" I always smiled & simply said "when you know, you know". Knowing divorce was not as easy as knowing love. 

But you know what I feel even stronger about than my job as a wife? My honor of being a mother. I believe that's the most important part of me. And I believe that my responsibilities reach beyond food, shelter, and a clean shirt on her back. For the 1st year and a half, I slacked in one major other responsibility: her happiness. I won't go too far into it, because I've posted about it before here. But I remember all my mommy friends sharing videos of their giggling babies. I didn't have those videos of my own. 

So, how do I know I made the right decision? She laughs. All the time. And there's more laughs each & every day. Every time she laughs, I smile & then get a lump in my throat. Every time I doubt my decision, I pause to just watch her and sure enough, something lights her soul & I get that giggle. That's how I know. 

(Not a giggling video. But this is my view as I write this morning.)

Dear Aubrey Jo,
I am sorry. I am sorry that I allowed myself to be so selfish that I became so unhappy & sick trying to save one "happily ever after" at the expense of your happiness. I promise you I will never let your laugh fade. You are the source of so many of my smiles & laughs. I do not take that for granted. And I will not lose sight again of my position to make YOU smile & laugh everyday. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mud Digger 4 Release Party

See that cutie in the blue shirt on the left side of the screen around the 43 second mark? (=

A little sneak peak from our 4th of July fun I talked about here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

College-Bound Blankie

When I was pregnant, I knew 2 things: my baby would NOT take a binkie or a blankie. Well, we all know things change quite a bit once we cross from being a mom judger to a judged mom. 

Aubrey Jo started trying to suck her thumb almost immediately. So I popped a bink in her mouth faster than my husband could flash the "but you said..." side eye. Binkies are easier to take away than a thumb was my thought. She ended up just quit wanting it on her own though around 4ish months. *whew*

Blankie is a whole different story though. When she was a baby I made a real effort to rotate out a couple different blankies. But, much to my dismay, she still grew attached to one particular one. She eventually quit even accepting the others. I told myself at her 1st bday it was GONE! 

But... she has a Nov bday. So it was cold. Lets take it away in the summer. 

But... that makes no sense. Lets take it at her 2nd bday. 

But... she's had enough change this year. I will take it away when we transition to a big girl bed. One swift move. 

But... she loves it. I have to do enough "dirty work". Why pick a fight? It's not that big of a deal. 

I'm setting no false expectations for a 3rd birthday. She can explain to her college roomie why she has to bring her blankie (and her mommy... But that's another fight for another day) to college with her. 

Her first photo with her beloved blankie  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Well... I am a little late to this party. But I am playing along anyways (=
1. This was prissy's first fireworks show. THE FIRST ONE! Ever... As if making my child wait until she was 2.5 wasn't enough of a mom fail... this is the only picture I got
Horrible quality snapped with my iPhone. But I cherish it. Such a sweet moment with my Prissy girl & my daddy. She was squealing & clapping and kept telling everyone around us to look at the fireworks (because instead everyone was watching her and laughing). I think we ALL felt like it was our 1st show. Seeing it through a toddler's eyes is such a blessing and a gift.
2. My friend sent me this. I have been going through the ringer lately and confiding in her a little bit. I mentioned here how much I appreciate her open ear. And also? These make me smile in the midst of chaos. Love it!
3. Ashley posted about these matching outfits and pretty much immediately I know Prissy & I needed them. She was SO excited when the package o' pineapples came and I can't wait to wear them together (= We are going to be so *fancy* ;)
4. Is anyone else watching Big Brother? I am obsessed. Watched every season. HUGE Brenchel fan & am so happy to see Elissa surviving each week. I think I am going to try to get my information together for casting next season... and fingers crossed yall would vote for me for whatever power CBS gives America ;)
Don't worry, I promise to get my workout on so I am ready for this standard cast photo!
5. I can't even tell you how hard it is to wake myself up and get to work for this 5am shift. BUT the fact that I get to have fun lunch or afternoon ice cream dates with my tiny bestie makes it ALL worth it.
Happy Friday, y'all (= Enjoy your weekend

Thursday, July 11, 2013

So What Wednes... damn

umm, it's Thursday. And Shannon is on vacation so didn't even do SWW yesterday.
Guess what? I will start this post with a SO WHAT to that....

Also saying so what to

You may be the shop owner and technically get the final say. But really? You're selling on Etsy. Accept my damn PP so I don't have to dig around and find my wallet and then have to look at my bank statement going down. It's easier to pretend like PP funds aren't "real" money.

I originally was going to share a little bit of the changes I've made to drop a few pants sizes after posting about it on IG but then I posted this picture & decided I better put that off for another time.

My place of employment sent out a "social media" email this week requesting that we not take any photos or videos from inside the building. But.. but.. HOW will I update the instagram on what I ate for lunch or post an OOTD from the bathroom? Seriously, employer, the cyber world may stop spinning. Do not make me stand outside the entrance to update the twitter, I beg of you.

My family was involved in a group text this morning involving simply pictures or videos of our toes. It went on longer than most sane (and sober) people would tolerate. It's better though than the last time when it was all about dat bootay. We're a special family..

I started Tuesday with a green juice... and ended with downing an entire pizza.. plus some of Aubrey Jo's pretzel bites.. plus some ice cream. I call it a "well rounded" diet... and ass.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Dirty Little 4th

Middle Georgia has been getting some out of control rain lately! And sadly, 4th of July was no exception. All of our local celebrations were post poned & we ended up just spending the day lounging around, watching movies. Not too bad, I have to admit. And since the thing we were most excited about was celebrating at the mud bog over the weekend, we weren't too bummed to miss out on the actual 4th.

Loaded up, ready to go!

Aubrey Jo & Colt Ford! We are big fans & jam out to his songs all the time. They were filming a video and as soon as she heard the music? She went RUNNING across the field and wiggled her way right front & center. God bless her.

This? Not the "cutest" or "most fabulous" look on me. But that was the old blog. This? Is just me & my girl having fun.. and I do mean real F-U-N!
We did get poured down on Friday night & had to run for cover in the truck. This kid though was not planning on letting a little rain ruin her good mood. That's a face of pure toddler bliss! Love her.

This was from the video. We spotted a handsome man with a jacked up truck & gravitated ;) he let her get up on the hood & that's all she wrote. Girlfriend was doing some serious mean mugging.

Marcus of Old Southern Moonshine Revival
Throwing bows with my dad to get right up front & center!

Pretty sure our celebration can be summed up with "hashtag merica" ;)
Hope you all had a fun holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Prissy is 1!!

Well... Actually she is almost 3. 
Almost 3? Wah! When did that happen? I think I'm going to hyperventilate. 

Last week when I was organizing our storage, I found this
I posted on it Instagram & mentioned I hope to have it filled by her 3rd birthday. I must say, you ladies were not encouraging. But at least I know I'm not the only one that dropped the ball on my best pregnancy intentions. 
So much easier to make commitments to this kind of thing when I'm pregnant laying on the couch while my husband rubbed my feet than once we had a tiny baby in the house & we realized how much we hate each other. 

So. Determined to get it done, I immediately found some photos my mom had saved & sent them off to Shutterfly. 
Because we all know delivering them to my door is the only way it's getting done. 

A few days later...

My mailman delivered the goods. Now the pressure is on. I have the frame. I have the prints. Get it together, Jules. 

And so I did...
I don't love the pics for some of the months but I knew if I waited to go through all the discs & find ones I loved, I probably wouldn't finish it. So I figure its easier to replace here & there. 
Though I doubt I will. Lets be honest. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

So, first time moms-to-be - or 2nd (or 3rd) timers who need a reminder - do yourself a favor. It takes half a second. Snap a pic each month that's zoomed to fit & print it right then. Or AT LEAST put them all in 1 album so in 3 years you can get your tired hands on them quickly!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What Wednesday

Joining Shannon for SWW

So what if...

  • Aubrey Jo's birthday isn't until November... but I have already made a few party purchases. What can I say, it's been a rough couple weeks & stress makes me spendy.
  • I've eaten my WEIGHT in Reese's dip. Again.. I'm blaming stress. Don't judge me. Spendy & snacky. That's not new members of the dwarfs, that's me.
  • It's unpopular; I support Paula Deen, A&F and think George Zimmerman should walk. Blah. There it is. That's where I'll leave it.
  • I was reminded I'm not technically their aunt. My (almost) ex-SIL is having twins. And what's cuter than little baby girl clothes? DOUBLE the little baby girl clothes. And as long as my daughter is allowed to be called technically their cousin, we will cave to our urges from time to time ;)
  • It is extremely disrespectful, and I know it. But damn it is hilarious when my kid growls at me when I don't give her her way.
  • Shannon, I too kind of love Elissa. I was a Rachel fan though so that's a given.. grab a lifevest! ;) And I don't get some "popular" bloggers. oookayyy....
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