Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinspired Reviews

Do you ever actually do the pins you pin? I try to.. and here are a few reviews of the food pins I have attempted
These are SO good. My family loves lasagna anyways. And this isn't much different taste wise with than your usual lasagna. Except that it's in cute rolls, already portioned out & makes storing leftovers much easier, taking up less room.

I think anyone with a crock pot has made this. It's so easy. I love that you can switch up the ingredients to match what you have. This same base recipe can be tweaked a little with different toppings, taco seasoning, ranch, whatever. It always comes out great.

I made this for a New Years party last year. It was SO good and a real hit. I would definitely advise cutting the avocado really small though. I like avocado so I left the chunks a little bigger. It was annoying though trying to scoop the chip and coming back with only the avocado bite. But it was still delicious. I just like to have a little of it all on the chip!

I mean.... duh! I loved this combination. I made this when I was still married & my husband wasn't thrilled with it. But he isn't a big fan of banana bread to begin with. So that was a tough sell anyways. The reese's didnt really stay put once I started cutting into it. I don't know if that's standard or if I did something wrong. But it got a little crumbly. I don't mind though, I ate the whole loaf.

This recipe made the twitter rounds last year. I think everyone made it. And I think everyone did something a little different. AND I think everyone loved it. I try to avoid the grocery store so I have made this a few times, each time with something a little different. And not once have I had one turn out that I didn't like. I did try once though to add bacon bits.. that wasn't great, but still not bad.

I may never eat a regular burger again. Oh. My. God.
There's not much else to be said. My dad did make beef burgers after I had these & I just added the pineapple and bbq sauce. Still amazing. Something about pineapple on a (beef, chicken, turkey, veggie) burger just makes sense.

Another slam dunk. My dad loved these. And that says a lot. In fact, he has requested them a few times since. I will say though, my cheese never melted quite as pretty as the photo. But it tasted just as great as I hoped so who cares how it looks, right?
These were really good but the ingredients add up fast. $$ Not something we could do all that often, especially out of season. But was still really tasty!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick Ho Ho Ho

Just sneaking on my phone in between desserts, cocktails & Santa assembly to wish my Internet friends (and you hoes -I mean foes- too!) a Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa? Can You Hear Me?

Sana? Hello? Is this thing on? Aubrey Jo and I have been very good girls this year. Especially her. This year we have learned to value "things" less so our lists are much shorter than usual.

During the move, I finally threw away all of my hole-y, too small, or stained shirts. And of course no longer have access to his closet full of sleep perfect shirts. So I have been stocking up on pajamas... and it's become an obsession. I joined the target polka dot bandwagon too. So I'm legit now.

I'm also in the market for dish storage. Right now, all my dishes are in rubbermaid boxes wrapped in blankets. I was married to a "professional" OCD packer/mover long enough to know this is NOT OK. But man, I hate to spend money on stuff like that. So it's on my wish list.

And of course these still.

Aubrey Jo is super into all things Dora, UmiZoomi and Bubble Guppies. I took her to Target to see what she was drawn to. She flipped out at all the baby dolls.. and bike helmets. But she probably won't get a helmet. People would stare. Same as last year, "bawls" are on her list. One of the only words she says. Obsessed. She played with a kitchen in the nursery at church last month & I would bet you probably already have one on the sleigh for her, huh?

What's on your list?

EDIT: Dear Santa, Aubrey Jo here. I love you. I love mama too but she's a dumb dumb... I want more Kroger bags. Mama won't let me play with hers. And tupperware. And crayons that don't break when I scribble masterpieces on the walls. Empty boxes... with bubble wrap. Fruit pouches are good. And more baths- extra bubbles, please! K? Thanks. Byyeee!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Occasions for Joy

I've spent a lot of time Trying to dissect and make sense of the tests I've been faced with. I want to take time to recognize some "occasions for joy" that have also come out of this. I'm not at a point I can focus solely on the joy yet, but I do want to make a better effort to at least recognize that there are some...

I grew up in the church. As an adult though, I didn't necessarily quit believing, but I certainly became a "lazy Christian" and allowed my relationship with God to be pushed to the side. Through this, I have renewed that daily conversation & have FELT His presence around me more than ever. More than when I was at church almost every night of the week.

If this had to happen, I'm glad it happened now. Before things escalated in our home. Before prissy is old enough to fully understand or feel put in the middle. Before we bought a home. Before I became pregnant again.

I have a better idea of deal breakers in a relationship and traits I really want in a partner. And I'm still young enough I have time for a 2nd chance. A do over so to speak... Should I decide to travel that road again.

I have been blessed with new friendships and the opportunity to rebuild old ones.

I have been forced to reevaluate my life all the way around. Friendships, family ties, priorities, goals, every aspect of my life is now open for evaluation.

Yes, I am no longer a stay at home mom & hate leaving her everyday. But now I get to experience being missed. I get to see her run to me & wrap her little arms around my neck after being away.

I have found a new independence. I take pride in doing things on my own now. Just knowing that I can is a great feeling.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Truth is...

Well my first truth is that this post is going to ramble. Maybe make no sense. May get some judgement. But I've posted things like that before. And while I got some meanness, I was amazed by the private "me too" messages. So that's who I'm writing this for.

Truth is I don't know what I'm doing. I'm barely surviving one day at a time. Some days hour at a time. And sometimes? Sometimes I just focus on taking the next breath. Seriously. I find myself silently saying to myself "in.... Out... In... Out..."

Truth is I second guess my decision to leave almost daily lately. I thought I was getting better then... Well, I wasn't. I don't know if it's my upcoming anniversary (or whatever it's called now) or all the happy happy families shoving all their happiness right down my social media throat. (that didn't sound bitter at all right? LoL) but lately I'm struggling with my decision. Did I do the right thing? Did I give him a chance to make it right? Did I have all the necessary facts? Will I regret this once it's too late? Will my daughter understand? Will I be happy again. Do we really only get one chance? Who really knows how God will feel- yes the bible mentions divorce but it also mentions forgiveness. A lot.

Truth is I really want one of those mazel sweatshirts Andy always gives away on WWHL. I know, random on this post but it's playing in the background & it popped in my head.

Truth is I hope my future husband isn't reading this. Because this truth is that my sex drive? Non-existent. Like, zilch. And the truth is I feel great relief in divorce because there is no pressure in my empty bed. Although, another hard truth is that perhaps if I would have "cowgirled up" during my marriage, my husband wouldn't have felt the way he did and I wouldn't be sleeping in that empty bed. Ouch, right?

Truth is I talk about turning to God a lot since all of this happened. But today I realized the part I'm missing. I've been reading Jesus Calling. Today the line that caught me was "Come to Me in all your neediness, with defenses down and with desire to be blessed." did you catch that? I came to Him. In my (very very) neediness. With a desire to be blessed. But the part I missed? "with defenses down". That's the trick. With defenses down... How do I do that? That's my struggle.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Old Navy Rockstar Cords

I fought it you guys. And I stayed strong for a while. When skinny jeans first came out, I vowed to NEVER wear a pair. Ever. And that's when I was still skinny!

But 2012 is the year for broken vows I guess. Because somehow a pair of ON rockstar cords made it with me to the dressing room. I stared at them. I tried to ignore them. But I caved. I tried them on... Just for giggles, ya know? Now I don't know if the pantsless vision right before in the mirror was so bad that I would have been convinced ANYTHING looked good. Or if I just felt so down on myself that day and the simple rockstar tag made me smile. But y'all, I bought those damn green pants! And loved them so much I went back for a gray pair! And want more more still! I did have to size up which sucks but guess what? Nobody can see the tag. I know! For 24 years I've been so aware of that tag... And NOBODY can see it!

Here's a few ways I've (if I do say so myself) rocked these rockstars!
Of course I was in no way endorsed for this post. blah blah blah Just my own opinions. blah blah bah but would accept any swag ON wanted to share. Holla!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Visit 2012

She loved Santa this year! She was waving & blowing kisses the whole time she was in line. Then she kept running back to him while I was paying to give him hugs & steal candy canes. Haha she's a mess but I was so proud of her since some of the kids before her FREAKED OUT.
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